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How does pricing work?

We’re building a more affordable way to host a party. Rent & Revel offers beautiful party decorations and supplies for between 30% to 60% off the retail price.  

What comes in the Party Packs?

We like to think of our Party Packs as the backbone of your party decorations. It comes with the essential items that you can tailor and fit to your celebration. Party Packs come with a banner, table linen, picture frames, cake stand(s), and a few décor pieces to elevate your celebration. Add a cake, maybe a few balloons, and you have a party! Our Party Packs have an average retail value of $150. 

We want to make this as easy as possible, so our Party Packs include items like batteries and banner hanging strips. We also include instructions and tips for setup and take down. 

You don't have a Party Pack for the theme I'm planning, what can we do? 
We love working with customers to create new Party Packs for their theme. Please contact us, we may be able to help! 

How come some banners don't have Party Pack options? 

Rent & Revel is just getting started! In the coming months we plan to launch Party Packs for many of our banners. If you have a specific request, please contact us, we may be able to help! 

How long is the rental period?

We want to give you the time you need for setup and take down of your party. That’s why we offer a five-day rental period of all our products.

When should I set my rental date?

We recommend selecting a rental start date of two days before your party. That way once your rentals arrive you could plan to setup the day before.

When do I need to return my rental?

Your rental is scheduled to return on the last day of your rental period. Please use the included return label and drop it off with USPS. Late returns are subject to return fees.

Do I need the insurance?

The insurance protects you from any damage, staining, or issues that might arise during your rental. We encourage you to add the insurance to your order. If you forgo the insurance, and irreparable damage occurs, you may be liable for the full replacement price of the item. Insurance is priced in the following ways: 

  • Party Packs: $4.95 per rental
  • Individual items over $5: $2.95 per rental
  • Individual items under $5: $1.95

Where do you ship?

Rent & Revel ships within the United States. You may experience longer delivery times when shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.

What dates can I book?

We allow for bookings between 14 and 180 days from today's date. If you have a particular need for a date further away, please contact us.

Can I change or cancel my order?

We allow for changes or cancellations up to 72 hours before the selected rental start date. If you have change or cancellation needsplease contact us.

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