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How to Host a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Wedding Shower

Someone you love is getting married! Time to gather friends and family to celebrate their upcoming nuptials and host the wedding shower. But a trip down the party supply aisle has you cringing with its rows and rows of disposable single-use plastic and supplies you’ll end up throwing away. 

At Rent and Revel, we want to help you host beautiful and sustainable celebrations. That’s why we’ve put together a list of six ways to throw a more eco-friendly party. Many of these tips would help any host through a sustainable party.

Digital Invitation Swap

Set the tone for your eco-friendly party by using digital invitations. Both easy and cost-effective, opting for a digital invitation instead of a mailing paper invitations is a simple eco-friendly swap. Most guests will appreciate the ease of RSVP’ing and the ability to add to their calendars. If your guest of honor (or more traditional parents) want a paper invite, consider printing a limited number of invitations for their scrapbooks in a design that matches the electronic invitation.

Sustainable Decorations and Supplies

It’s possible to have a beautiful, affordable celebration without disposable products. Consider decorations that can be reused (greenery or string lights), rented (our Party Packs and local rental companies), or recycled (paper straws and products). In addition to decorations, consider using washable linens, serve-ware, utensils and more to reduce waste. Also consider using bamboo products that are compostable if reusable items aren't an option!

Green Menu Planning

Think about both the items you're serving as well as what the food and drink are served in. Use pitchers instead of bottles or individual servings of drinks. Punchbowls are fun ways to serve signature drinks without relying on single-use items. Depending on the guest of honor, consider serving a vegetarian or vegan menu. Even limiting the number of meat items offered in favor of vegetable alternatives can help!

Make Recycling Simple

Consider putting a recycling bin and compost bin front and center in the kitchen or near the trash can during the party. Make it as easy as possible for your guests to dispose of their waste without using the garbage can. If you're hosting at a venue, speak to them ahead of time about the recycling and composting capabilities. 

Shower Games Minus Waste 

Choose activities for guests that don’t rely on plastic trinkets—activities like the newlywed game or quizzes printed on recycled paper (that can be recycled post-party) are good alternatives.

Useful Party Favors 

Check with the guest of honor to see if favors are a priority of theirs. Rather than spend money on a favor that will be thrown away, give guests a sustainable favor—like an edible treat, a small succulent, or a packet of seeds they can plant. Useful and sustainable favors FTW!

Now you are ready to host a beautiful and sustainable celebration! Check out our inventory of Party Packs, sustainable banners, and individual décor available to rent for your upcoming event. Also, check out our Party Playlists on Spotify—our Forever and Always Wedding Shower playlist is the perfect accompaniment to your next shower!

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